What We Do

NeuralPath.io is a leading advisory services company that helps industry executives, government leaders and institutional investors to navigate ethical uncertainties associated with the development of Artificial Intelligence. 

Our Vision

NeuralPath.io was founded in 2019 in response to the acceleration of responsible AI adoption, but lack of best practice frameworks. We partner with leading institutions such as Saidot, ForHumanity and OpenEthics to ensure that our advice is always timely, appropriate and in keeping with the best industry governance practices. 

meet our team

Meet the team at NeuralPath.io

Richard Foster-Fletcher
Managing Director
Imtiaz Adam
Associate Head of Strategy
Tim Teece
Associate Head of Delivery
Murray Grubb Jnr
Advisory Board
Bridget Greenwood
Advisory Board
Nishi Patel
Chartered Management Accountant

How does NeuralPath.io help?

It’s very important to realise that as we move to open models, we still have some limits to openness and it’s crucial to get this balance right. NeuralPath.io helps organsations to optimise openness and privacy. We provide an independent, objective assessment of the benefits and costs of adopting responsible AI practices, both short- and long-term as it relates to key business metrics: value proposition, talent management, regulatory preparedness, data security and privacy, revenue generation, stakeholder relationships, and reputation.

The five dimensions of responsible AI:

  • Governance 
  • Interpretability and explainability 
  • Bias and fairness 
  • Robustness and security 
  • Ethics and regulation

Key Artificial Intelligence Points

  • Responsible AI should be seen as a potential source of competitive advantage, not only as a reactive measure to assuage ethical concerns.
  • Firms that incorporate responsible AI practices throughout the product development lifecycle will build competitive advantage through enhanced product quality.
  • Responsible AI can significantly benefit talent acquisition, retention and engagement, especially given employees’ growing scrutiny of their employer’s ethics, beliefs and practices.
  • Companies’ growing reliance on user data is emphasizing the need for better data management, security and privacy, which will in turn fuel growth in the AI industry.
  • Responsible AI can improve a firm’s top- and bottom-line growth by increasing customer engagement, broadening revenue streams, offering procurement advantages in competitive bidding processes, and increasing pricing power in the marketplace.

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